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| © 2019 by Kay Grundhaus


Residential real estate became my full-time career about 16 years ago.  A couple of years ago I decided to specialize in seniors. If you are downsizing, wanting to move closer to family or wanting to invest in Real Estate, I can help. The thought of starting a new career was exciting to me at that time of my life. Upon being introduced to real estate, the decision was an easy one. The common denominators are that both professions are service oriented and involve working with people. The plus of real estate was that I could work from my home office! That’s proven to be better and better each year with today’s communications allowing you to take care of business on the go.


Since becoming a real estate agent, the business has gone from one extreme to the other. However, there are always opportunities in all markets. All clients of mine are guided through the process of buying or selling, from pricing, staging, marketing, negotiating, over seeing all documents to the close of escrow. There is always an understanding and awareness of what is happening in each of the multiple steps of closing a sale, as buyer or seller.