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Is this the year you are going to get out of town?

Have you ever thought about selling your home and taking off in your RV?

I have. The longest trip my husband and I have done is about 6 weeks. It left me wanting to go longer. We used the RV to be a destination trip and I always felt like we were on a schedule and didn’t get to spend enough time in the great places we happened on.

Don’t put off going. You need to be healthy, and some of the best activities for your health are physical. I am so glad we did take several trips because health issues keep us from being able to go now.

The kids are gone, the house is too empty. If you yearn to travel, go for it!

One of the best parts about retiring is the ability to take more vacations. If your vacation includes the open road, then you might want to think about RV camping. Find RV clubs for seniors and explore over 55 senior RV parks.

This is a great piece of machinery

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