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Tip #1

Have you ever heard the phrase “You

don’t know what you don’t know”?

This phrase is especially applicable when

buying or selling your home.

Because buying or selling a home is

something that most people do only two

or three times in a lifetime, there are

things that they’re completely unaware of.

They simply don’t know what they don’t know.

These free weekly email tips will make it

so much easier for you to avoid making

costly mistakes.

They’re free because it’s my way of

adding value to your life – whether we

choose to work together in the future or


Here is my first tip.

Use Your Head, Not Just Your Heart

Buying a house just based on emotions

has the potential to break your heart. If

you fall in love with something, you might

end up making some pretty bad financial

decisions. There’s a big difference

between your emotions and your


Relying on your intelligence means that

based on all the information available,

you recognize that you’re getting a great

house for a good value.

Going with your emotions is being

obsessed with the paint color or the

backyard or the cosmetics of the house.

It’s an investment, so stay calm and be

wise. Remember, there is ALWAYS

another house out there. As your

consultant, my responsibility is to help you

balance emotions, instincts and common

sense. When you are ready to sit down

together I can ask you the type of

questions that will help you clarify your

values, because when your values are

clear, your decisions are easier.

In the meantime, if you see a sign or a

home online that interests you, feel free to

give me a call. I can usually find out why

the seller is selling and what the facts are

that are not readily available to the

general public.

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