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What can I learn from this?

The past few weeks have shown us how quickly life can change. Some of us are busier than ever, while others have “hunkered down” to stay healthy, care for themselves, and protect others. Most of us are spending more time with a smaller group of people, learning more than we expected.

We’ve learned new words like “social distancing”.

We’ve learned new habits like not touching our face.

We’ve learned the value of a fully stocked grocery store.

We’ve learned the importance of being prepared.

And slowly…. we are all settling in to our lives.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve had more and more conversations with people who’ve said, “I forgot how much I love cooking.” And it’s not just cooking – I’m talking to people who have finally picked up that book on their bookshelf, wiped off the dust, and sat down to read it! I am talking to people who are taking online music lessons!

And during this time, I’m grateful to have been reminded of the following….

Focus on what I want, not what I don’t.

Always add more value than I take.

Be more happy than satisfied.

Be more interested than interesting.

It's true that we couldn't have predicted these new experiences that were ahead of us, but I plan to make them part of my new normal. I hope that you discover something positive from all of this and may you find joy in the simple things while we go through this journey together.

John Smith

Your Real Estate/Mortgage Consultant For Life or call/text me at 310-890-6407.

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