Father's Day

Updated: Aug 13, 2021

I found this Father’s Day poem and it reminded me of the true value of being a parent. On the day I was born I met you, Dad. Over the first few years, I learned you were strong and always there. As I grew a few years older, I could remember you leaving home. I’d say, “Daddy where are you going?” “I have to go to work.” you used to respond. I was very sad. I didn’t understand. You would “go to work” almost every day. You were almost always gone. I didn’t understand. I can still hear you saying, “I have to go to work – I love you.” and perhaps silently hoping… “maybe one day you’ll understand.” You worked hard. We always had enough. I couldn’t understand. As I grew even older, you provided experiences and opportunities. From being on teams to going to camps, I made new friends and learned a lot. I repeatedly changed my mind, but I always excelled. I’m grown now. I work hard – like you did. I have children of my own. I spend more time with them – because of you, I can. Thanks Dad, now I understand.

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